Anime Trials #1


spent an hour or so trying some anime like style in painter, with a crop to 1920×1080 for the current db background.

Father Jackson



spent an hour with sam jackson and a single brush, 45 minutes painter and a quick gradient map in photoshop for some more expressive color. also made him wearing a priest outfit for no reason.

Off to School

Off to school young boy inspired by my nephew. Background available to anyone who wants it.

Kinkade micro study

Given super tiny canvas by coworking regifting it painted 🙂


Geisha window

What do you get with a 10 minute post it note drawing and 20 minutes of photoshop; A new desktop background. take as you please

Geisha Background

1920×1200 aspect

Speed Paint Forest – Desktop Bg

Download for your desktop bg


Forest Speed Paint, 45 min